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Top 8 Most Feared Wrestlers in WWE History

The following are the top five most dangerous men in the history of the WWE.

8. Jeff Hardy

When most people think of Jeff Hardy, the word "hardcore" is probably not the first thing that springs to mind. That man, on the other hand, was a danger in the WWE. Jeff appeared indifferent about his personal safety as he was subjected to some of the most insane bumps ever witnessed in the history of WWE. When he was younger, he engaged in classic ladder matches, jumping off the tops of 20-foot ladders that most men would be frightened to climb. Jeff is a daredevil at heart, and his wrestling offenses are among the most audacious in the business. He is, on the other hand, participating in potentially perilous maneuvers that could have significant effects.

7. Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit turned out to be a dangerous and unstable individual, as we learned. However, his on-screen persona was one of the most lethal personalities ever seen in the history of professional wrestling (WWE). Benoit simply exhibited greater intensity in his matches than anyone else. Every kick and knife-edge chop he performed looked completely horrific, and he was notorious for leaving large crimson stains on the chests of his opponents. His final technique, which involved diving off the top rope and unleashing a flying headbutt, was also one of the most deadly of the competition. Because he had suffered several concussions, which resulted in brain damage, the move should have been disallowed, according to the evidence.

6: Edge

Edge's high-stakes abilities and reckless behavior during matches very definitely led him to retire far sooner than he would have preferred.

5. Sabu

A homicidal, suicidal, and genocidal crazy couldn't possibly have been included on this list. In comparison to the others on this list, Sabu has only been in the WWE for a very short period of time, yet he makes the cut due of his intense wrestling style and complete disdain for his own well-being. Even in his 40s, Sabu possessed the most dangerous risk-taking offense of any wrestler on the WWE roster. An advanced springboard tornado DDT, a somersault plancha, or a triple jump moonwalk aren't easy to learn or perfect.

4. Terry Funk

During his time in the WWF in the late 1990s, Funk was known for carrying a chainsaw to the ring while wearing pantyhose over his shoulders. According to him, simply entering the ring with a branding iron and leaving was no longer sufficient, and he need something that could sever a wrestler's limbs in half. More than his stint in the WWF, Funk's legendary legacy in wrestling is bolstered by his appearances in various wrestling organizations throughout his career. Nonetheless, he was involved in a number of memorable hard-core brawls while competing for the World Wrestling Federation.

3. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is widely regarded as one of the most tenacious competitors to ever step into a WWE ring. Kurt has a reputation for putting his body on the line and taking crazy bumps, similar to Jeff Hardy's style. Even more unusual is Angle's choice, which he came to after years of excruciating neck pain and subsequent surgical intervention. Kurt was so dangerous because he gave everything he had in every match he participated in. As a teammate, he was known for his dedication and ability to perform at a higher level than nearly everyone else. Despite the fact that he was an exceptionally talented wrestler with a lot of charisma, he was always willing to take chances that other wrestlers of his caliber were not. His legendary moonsault off the top of a cage onto Chris Benoit is one of the most breathtaking maneuvers in the history of professional wrestling.

2: Haku

Throughout the years, a number of wrestlers have stated that Haku is the most difficult opponent they have ever encountered in person. After hearing his experience, it's tough not to agree with him. He once bit off the bridge of a man's nose.

1. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a beast, plain and simple. He is a force to be reckoned with. In real life, he shattered Triple He's arm and also broke Bob Holly's neck, according to the story. He's a former UFC heavyweight champion who is unquestionably one of the hardest men on the face of the planet. Lesnar possesses a terrifying amount of power as well as tremendous athleticism, which would cause anyone to think twice before engaging in combat with him. When it comes to fighting, Brock is so dangerous that it's hard to believe that even HHH or John Cena would survive even a minute against him.

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