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Photos: Meet Keagan Dolly's little sister

The majority of the time, it is the partners of PSL football players—wives and girlfriends—who are the ones that make an effort to escape all of the attention their partners receive.

The majority of the time, these stunning women are featured in the media, yet their families almost never receive any attention.

On occasion, a family member, typically a sister, would make an appearance on a football player's Instagram account; nevertheless, she is rarely the focus of any attention. It is only fair that these football players' stunning sisters receive the same amount of attention as their husbands and girlfriends do. It would appear that there aren't many things about Keagan Dolly that the majority of football fans don't already know, such as the fact that he has a lovely younger sister whose name is Ravenique. Keagan Dolly is one of the best shooters in South Africa.

The city of Westbury is where the athlete was born. It is Ramon and Kim Dolly's first child, whether a boy or a girl. The star player for the Kaizer Chiefs has only one sibling, and that sibling is Raven. Raven has, for the most part, managed to avoid the public eye despite the success of his brother.

Because Ravenique always uploads photographs of her boyfriend on Instagram, giving the impression that she has found the love of her life, we can be certain that she is in a relationship.


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