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"Bring Them Back. They Don't Represent Us." Black People On Olympics Team


"Bring them back to South Africa. They don't represent us. None of them are there for us." Those are the words of many black South Africans circulating on social media platforms after seeing that majority of those taking part in the Olympics are predominantly white people while South Africa is full of black people. They say that the tactic is used to cover up how South Africa actually looks like.

To begin with yes it's undeniable that there's little representation from the black community but there's reasons at play. Many feel entitled and want everything given without working hard it. Rather than sitting and feeling pity not many of us take initiative to participate and work hard to get selected. 

Also most black communities only wish to participate in a selected number of sports mostly being football netball and running that being it. None are interested in the other sporting codes causing gaps that need to be filled. 

Rather than always feeling a need to attack those who have worked hard and envying their success it's time we begin to want to achieve just as others are achieving. It's not always a matter of race but whose dedicated more. 

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