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He Forgot He Was A Goalkeeper And Did This, Player Becomes Laughing Stock

He forgot that he was a goalkeeper for the day, hiding his hands. It is clear that the man was possibly a player for this team, and since the goalkeeper wasn’t feeling well they decided it would be best if he took the helm and took charge of guardians against the goal scores.

This is something that has caused a stir on social media making many people wonder about the state of that goalkeeper because he would need his hands to prevent the goals from going in, but for a minute he exists the mannerisms of other players by trying very hard to avoid the ball hitting him.

We people are saying that perhaps the man lied about his position when he came to play for the team, it could've been those incidents where there was only the position of the goal keeper to be filled so many guesses that he simply shrugged and said why not.

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