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Should Benny McCarthy Worry About His Explosive Comments On The Zimbabwean Coach?

Does Benny McCarthy have to worry about his Zimbabwean coach explosive remarks?

2021/09/20 Date:

Benny McCarthy's explosive comment about Kaitano Tembo was supposed to make him worry because he didn't say it was lovely, all of us know he's got more money than the man, he had played in Mourinho's champions' league and still has to eat his old fruits.

He drives a Bentley but such an attitude attracts villains in your life who pretend to succeed as they love you, but deep down they just want to spot your ego, he should be careful of his words, the ego helps but it only gets very destructive afterwards because all people who love you, your family for instance, will take away.

McCarthy is the type of person needing therapies and having money doesn't necessarily mean people like you. It just means that they want what you've got, so they're going to surround each other.First, Benny ought to forgive herself and find the root of her pain because the cash will not take away all the pain that will be sugar coat until he gets down, because of the pain he felt as a kid living in the neighborhood where everyone was light, because he was a dark-skinned man who made him play great football!His comments were not taken to heart by Kaitano, just brushed away from them, a man of good mental power, who does not allow the world to control him outside, he is a master of his own fate, he comes from Royalty, for the kings react when smaller people try to bring them to the ground; all of them know that life is a long process.


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