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Inside the Hawks’ case against Ramaphosa

Johannesburg - The Hawks are investigating allegations that the dollars stolen from President Cyril Ramaphosa's farm didn't come from the sale of game, as alluded earlier by the Presidency in its media statement.

That as a matter of fact, the cash was snuck into South Africa by one of Ramaphosa's consultants and comrades.

Sunday Independent can solely uncover that the guide, whose name is known to the paper, has turned into an individual of premium for the situation by the Hawks as it is claimed that he utilized his discretionary identification to carry the cash from Saudi Arabia and Qatar in a personal luxury plane.

Three sources with personal information on the examination accept that after the cash was brought into the country, it was full into eight-seater lounge chairs and a bedding in Johannesburg before it was shipped to Ramaphosa's Phala ranch in Bela, Limpopo.

"There are claims that the cash was full in eight-seater sofas, one cowhide and the rest made of texture, as well as a bed set before it was shipped to the ranch as new furnishings. The homegrown laborer was supposedly attempting to clean the recently shown up furniture when she coincidentally found the cash and alarmed her sibling, who welcomed his companions to come and take it before Ramaphosa's return from a global excursion," the source said.

One of the sources said that the cash was as yet enveloped by plastic when it was taken, which recommends that it was stuffed somewhere else.

"On the off chance that the cash was a returns of game deals as the Presidency has detailed, there is just a single spot to wrap it how it was, the bank, and for what reason do you go through the difficulty of getting your cash wrapped by a bank as opposed to banking it?"

The other source raised worries about the way that the specialists for the situation are purportedly being followed and their developments spilled.

"This week, they went to Pollsmoor Prison to talk with one of the supposed looters imprisoned for another wrongdoing, and their development was spilled," he said.

The Hawks are exploring Ramaphosa and his head of Presidential Protection Services, Wally Rhoode, after previous State Security Agency chief general Arthur Fraser opened a lawbreaker body of evidence against them at Rosebank police headquarters in Joburg a month prior.

Fraser asserted in his affirmation that Ramaphosa neglected to report the burglary of about $4 to $8 million at his ranch on February 9, 2020 at any police headquarters. He rather entrusted Rhoode to follow the burglars and recuperate a portion of the taken plunder.

Fraser asserted the five looters were followed and secured and supposedly tormented to uncover where they had reserved the taken cash.

It is additionally asserted that a portion of the taken cash was recuperated and recovered. The burglars, including Ramaphosa's homegrown laborer, who was purportedly the person who warned the looters about the cash under the sleeping pads, were paid R150 000 each to purchase their quiet and not to uncover any data about the burglary.

Fraser has met with individuals from the directorate for need wrongdoing examination, who are exploring this case and "outfitted the Hawks with extra data and subtleties to empower them to go about their responsibilities".

Ramaphosa conceded that there was to be sure a burglary at his ranch however questioned the sum.

He told delegates at the ANC common gathering in Limpopo weeks prior that the sum was less what than announced.

"The sum included is undeniably not exactly the sum which has been accounted for in the press. Some said it's R1 billion, some say it's 4,000,000 bucks. I need to say it is undeniably less," Ramaphosa said.

Sunday Independent has been educated that two cops and Rhoode are being scrutinized for supposedly seizing and tormenting the looters.

Another spilled recording doing the rounds via virtual entertainment has caused a commotion and the inquiry again of how much cash was taken from Ramaphosa's ranch as his men (recorded on the video) who examined the supposed driving force behind the burglary, Immanuwela David, are heard blaming the Namibian-conceived looter for taking $20 million from the President.

In the recording, one of the examiners can heard say: "We understand what we are discussing (about). It isn't like I am talking sh*t to you, you comprehend. So the sum was 20 million, isn't that so?"

One more questioner can be heard in the recording when the figure of $20m is referenced saying: "That is right." They asserted he put the cash into property advancement.

Notwithstanding, David denies in the recording that he and his men took $20m from Ramaphosa's homestead and alluded his questioners to a paper article which expresses that he supposedly took $7m. He guarantees they took $800 000.

Different sources inside the policing accept that the investigative specialists were Rhoode and Terrence Joubert, a questionable National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) figure, who likewise gave declaration at the Zondo Commission Inquiry into State Capture.

At the point when Rhoode was accused of a R19-million delicate misrepresentation in 2011, Joubert was his co-blamed.

Rhoode was head of safety for the NPA when the delicate was granted to a security organization, Intense Protection and Tourist Services (IPTS), possessed by financial specialist Muziwandile "Dalo" Nala in 2006 and Joubert was acting top of NPA's security and chance administration in KwaZulu-Natal at that point.

Rhoode, Joubert and one more NPA representative were blamed for purportedly taking kickbacks from Nala to grant a delicate to his organization. The pair were delivered on a R30 000 bail each and the NPA later dropped the charges without a legitimate clarification, despite the fact that they had a State observer who was accessible when the supposed pay off was paid.

Rhoode left the NPA after the charges were dropped and turned into the top of the 2010 World Cup security however he was additionally compelled to leave there following another security delicate debate. In any case, Rhoode has kept up with that he passed on the task to join a privately-owned company.

He then reemerged as the head of safety for Ramaphosa's CR17 crusade where spilled bank articulations showed that he was paid about R1m.

Sources guarantee that Rhoode permitted Joubert, who was as yet a NPA worker, to moonlight for the CR17 lobby.

At the point when defied about the recording on Friday, Joubert rejected that he was one of the questioners yet affirmed that he was extremely near Rhoode.

"Wally and I have made considerable progress... We have been through the ringer together however I don't have anything to do with the Phala examination," Joubert said.

Yet, four NPA representatives who paid attention to the recording and have worked with Joubert for a really long time are resolute it is his voice that they are hearing doing the cross examination.

Joubert likewise rejected that he had a gathering with Ramaphosa to examine Phala until he was informed that there was a photograph showing him along with the president. Then he backtracked and said: "The gathering I had with the president, where the photograph was taken, was to brief him about state catch, it didn't have anything to do with the Phala burglary."

Joubert has taken the NPA to the CCMA after he was terminated for purportedly taking kickbacks. He was captured after he was found with R30 000 money during a sting activity in Durban. The charges were subsequently dropped after the court found that the police didn't follow legitimate strategies when they set up the sting activity.

However, the NPA, furnished with the proof, established an inner hearing where Joubert was found blameworthy and in May, he is testing his excusal.

Ramaphosa representative, Vincent Magwenya, couldn't be gone after remark.

The Hawks representative, Brigadier Nomthandazo Mbambo, yesterday said: "We will not remark on subtleties of any continuous examination and anybody with data that could aid any examination is invited to contact our specialists to give proclamations with that impact."

NPA representative, Mthunzi Maga, likewise neglected to respond to our inquiries concerning Joubert.

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