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OPINION |South Africa must forget about the 2022 FIFA World Cup

We must forget about the World Cup the best case scenario in this saga will be the suspension of the referee. We have a resourceful coach and great young players, let us build and use our superior resource base to build for the forth coming African championship and World Cup. n four years, the World cup will be hosted by three nations and matches will be played in sixteen cities of Canada, Mexico, and the US. Fortyeight teams will be battling it out for top honors. We must be there amongst the 48 nations let us work around the clock, let us improve the competitiveness of the national team. We need to play more against top-ranked countries on the continent and elsewhereCan we start now and concentrate on FIFA 2026, nine nations will represent the continent, the biggest delegation after UEFA, with sixteen representatives. Pick a theme and start the process have workshops across the country, our rugby is top-notch, and the team is feared globally. What can we learn from them? We had a disastrous campaign before we clinched the cup in Japan. In as much as I agree that we should focus on building a stronger team for the next upcoming competitions, I do however think for political reason Safa at least must take this on. Generally South Africa is weak in terms of how it handles CAF issues, for instance just before Kick Off we had to travel 9hrs by bus. All these treatment is what our clubs are also experiencing yet when they come to South Africa we lay them a red carpet so we will been seen as Susies of the game in Africa. Every one bullies us whether on the field or off the field I think we must contest that decision too. But anyway maybe we must build these boys as they will be beneficially to the country in the next world cup

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