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A mermaid nearly killed me after i caught it's baby by Mistake, thinking it's a fish |Fiction

Mpho Motahane(32) From Tseki, Qwaqwa said he nearly got killed by a mermaid after he caught it's baby by mistake. He said the fish was very beautiful and he wanted to keep it as a pet and put it in a fish tank because it was very very beautiful.

"We always go to the river to catch fish and we respect the mermaids because we know that the rivers are their home and we don't want to make them angry. That day i didn't feel like going to fish, i guess my ancestors were just trying to prevent me from going there. I went there and i started fishing then i caught a very beautiful fish with my net together with the other fish. I filled my buckets and i went home. The weather changed and clouds started gathering but then i didn't think it was all because of me.

I got home and put the fish in the house then i took the beautiful one and put it in the fishtank in the dining room. My wife prepared food for me and i sat in front of the TV and started eating. As we were eating i heard a big bang, when i went to check my back room roof was blown away and the bricks collapsed. As i was still scared my dining room was hit by lightning and my TV was destroyed. The fish tank was opened and all the fish that were in there were not there, including the beautiful one." He said.

He said the roof started leaking and they were scared as it rained till the early hours of the morning. When they woke up the realized that some of their neighbors 's houses were destroyed.

"I had to go and buy building material to repair my house and the backroom. I then became worried by the fact that the fish vanished and my wife and Children said they didn't know anything about it. I went to consult a prophet and before i could even explain he told me that i was visited by the river monster and it's because i took it's child. He said the only reason why im still around is because i didn't kill the child. I was confused and he told me that the beautiful fish i caught was a mermaid's baby" he said.

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Mpho Motahane( Qwaqwa Tseki


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