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" Who's our next victims " - Sundowns To Face DRC Team

As mamelodi sundowns will be facing a team from DRC. A fan has proudly asked that who is their next victims. As he knows that currently mamelodi sundowns is making all thei opponents victims with the wins they get. So the fan have asked proudly as he believe that they will also win over this team from drc.

There is too much confidence from this question asked by the fan. As he asked that who are their next victims for the next game that sundowns will play. So in that case you can tell that some of the fans do not see any lose to any of sundowns matches.

Here is the comment below.

The fan have asked proudly and with so much confidence. Such that he believes that no team from nowhere will get a chance to overcome mamelodi sundowns. That was also a brave question coming from that fan.

We know that there are better ways that the fan couldn't have used to ask. But he then chose to use the one that many people will see that the mamelodi sundowns are not scared. That question is to show that mamelodi sundowns is ready to face any opponents coming it's way.

As you can see the way that the fan have asked the question. It takes much courage and bravery to ask such question. But the fan have yet asked as if he know that they will obviously win their next match. That was the most confidential question ever asked by this fan.

You can tell that he truly believes that nothing will stop mamelodi sundowns from wining. Not all of the time fans will get to ask such questions. They instead comment just to say good luck on the next match. Yet this fan have confidently ask that who are the next victims of mamelodi sundowns.

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