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Nkunzi's Look Alike Plays Professional Football

Could Nkunzi and Moseamedi Be Related

Date: 2021/10/10

Source: Opinion

Masoja Msiza also known as Nkunzi Mhlongo from Uzalo looks like he has a long-lost brother who is Eric Moseamedi who used to play for Maritzburg United in Kwa Zulu natal when Mhlongo was born. The facts are that the two guys look alike.

The two guys look very much alike, anyone would think that they are twins maybe they share a father or distant relative who knew both of them, There are a lot of celebrities that look alike in the industry, but there are normal people as well who look much like these Celebrities and they get mistaken for being one when they are not.

The facts are on the table, the looks are vivid, maybe they share the same father but the truth will always reveal itself the more the time goes, both of them are very talented, they know very well that our time on this planet earth is limited so we have by all means to act or perform our craft like it is the last day on this planet earth.

The soccer star is the younger one who could possibly be in the Hall of Fame stars because of the trouble he causes major teams, people were surprised that he did not sign with Sundowns, Kaizer Chiefs, or Orlando Pirates.

Msiza is also very driven, the moves he makes on the screen are just beautiful from the Shaka Zulu role that he played back when he was younger that got him black listed from the acting world he never gave up, he just kept it moving now he is back as Nkunzi doing the most important things on screen, all the ladies love what he offers, but he once said that he does not make a lot of money, just like the actors from Generations the legacy were complaining. 

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Masoja Msiza Moseamedi Nkunzi


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