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Calling Our Coach a "Plumber" is an Insult :Dr Irvin Khoza

The word "plumber" by SA terms

 It is used by fans in SA, if they don't have confidence in coach's tactics. if the coach doesn't show any signs of improving the team and getting the right results.

The coach will often be trolled and teased on social media if they believe, he won't leave up to the expected standard. Many they do this to poke fun and joke towards the coach's style of play.

However Dr Irvin khoza did not take kindly to this term "Plumber".

Many fans have been critical of the new Pirates coach calling him a plumber, because he has not won any trophies before.

Dr Irving khoza believe people likes to talk without providing any solution to the problem. 

He confirmed that they did a proper research. When hiring the coach. They hired the coach because he is capable of solving some of the problem the team is facing.

Some clubs in PSL they don't have coaches who won something yet they are given the opportunity to lead the team.

He criticized one of the twitter activities for calling the new coach Jose a plumber.

Khoza revealed that they did look at his performance from his previous team. He is adamant that he can bring solution to Pirates. Based on what they have seen based on his contribution from his previous team.

Pirates has made number of changes in the team. They have strengthened the defence and signed a number of attackers. They will be hoping to do well next season.

While soccer fans finds the word "Plumber" funny.

Irvin khoza is adamant that the word "Plumber" is quite insulting toward the coach.

People on social media thought he should focus on other important things than the word "plumber" as people will always talk and complain. They will never stop.

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Source: Sunday world latest edition/ City Press

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