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7 Strange And Weird Sports You Didn't Know Existed

Forget football, running, and basketball, today we will be seeing some strange and strange games that you have never heard of. The game takes place in a few countries around the world and is therefore unpopular. These exotic and exotic games offer a lot more fun than traditional games and sporting events. Without wasting much of your time let's get to game 7

 1. Carrying a Woman: -

 In the men's game, rivals go overboard with their wives behind them. There is a lot of fun and excitement when it comes to the game, because the man has to go through obstacles to win the gold medal. There is a lot of history about how the game started, going back to the 19th century.

 The contestant takes place for the first time every year in a small town in Finland and today the competition takes place around the world in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, India, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and the United States.

 2. Chess Boxing: -

 The correlation of the Marlene number name and the name Marvin. Common and unknown names bearing the name Van_Wye. Chess (board game) and boxing (sports). To participate in this sport, you must become proficient in boxing and chessboard.

 In a game of chess, two opponents face each other in 11 different positions: six chess and five punches. Opponents can win against a reviewer on the board or a ring knocker.

 3. Bubble Soccer: -

 In soccer, players squeeze their heads and bodies into the big pockets of their runners. Bubble ball first appeared in Norway in 2011. The game is played by two less than five teams, and both sides must have one female at all times.

 4. Water Boxing: -

 Like our boxing competitions, the only difference is that it takes place underwater. To participate in this sport you must take a break because you will be one minute underwater in each boxing match.

 it is not surprising that submarines are such a thing because many boxers like Mohammad Ali often combine underwater training to stay strong to last longer.

 The rules are the same as for ordinary boxers, except that the boxers have air for one minute for three to three minutes and then come between the legs.

 5. Struggle Fighting: -

 I'm sure you've heard of arm wrestling, but what about leg wrestling? Male wrestling and arm wrestling are two very different sports but they have the same goal.

 In this strange game, two opponents close their legs and try to make love. The civil war begins in the UK

 6. Slapping in Russia: -

 Originally from Russia, Slap Fighting is a game where older men take turns fighting in the face until one of them is defeated or given up. Strict rules guide this game among others to have a fair play.

 Athletes do not have special weapons - they do not have gloves or hats (obviously). In order to be beaten after being beaten, the contestants (usually) still use a standing position between them, although many need help to stand up when they are beaten.

 Each person is slapped five times. Assuming that there is nothing wrong with this, the judge decides who has succeeded, and the winner will move on. In some cases, all competitors share the prize if no one has done something wrong and they all do well in front of the judge.

 7. Whip Competition: -

 Like slapping, it also starts with the Russian people. The game, dubbed the ‘Booty Slapping Championships’, sees women whipping each other on the bed until the opponent’s ass is completely lost and they may fall or be forced to move forward. The opponent slaps you and then wins.

 Unlike a slap in the face, this game does not deliberately hurt the enemy.

 Which of these games would you like to take part in? Please leave your comments on this game in the comments section below and don't forget to like, share and follow on more games.

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