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Man misses mothers funeral to watch his team lose

A man proudly announced that he had missed his mother's funeral to attend a National Football league match. His team the Buffalo Bills lost to Kansas City charges 42-36. The man made the announcement by holding up a sign, urging the Bills to win.

It's really strange that a person would miss their mother's funeral for a football game. Perhaps he was making it up or perhaps he had a very bad relationship with his mother. How could he concentrate?

In some places sport is like a religion. Leo Muhammad of the Nation of Islam in the United Kingdom once called football a religion in England.

The football fans in England love their football. It does not matter whether the club is number one in the league or number 25 in League two. The love for one's hometown club is often borderline obsessive and lifelong. Some people opt to be buried in their club regalia.

I don't really watch American football so I don't know of its fan culture but I do know that the annual Super Bowl is by far the biggest event of the year with record viewership for the year occurring on that day. So maybe the man was a die hard fan. Many did not approve though. Check out what they said:

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