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Should Chiefs Consider Looking For Another Coach?

It is not known yet but though it seems like chiefs should consider looking for another coach. Reason to say that is because in most of the teams when they loses more and more. The team then start to look for errors but mostly they change the coach. So it not known if kaizer chiefs will do the same.

But in believing that kaizer chiefs will do the same as other teams. Is that kaizer chiefs has not been winning lately. So When the team is perfoming this much coaches are more likely to be released.

Time will tell though if kaizer chiefs will consider looking for another goal keeper for the team. That is because everyone lately who is supporting kaizer chiefs is not happy. And the main reason for that might be the way coach baxter does things. We are familiar that when a team loses more and more the issue is from the brain of the team.

Even fans are not supporting the way coach does things. Reason to say that it has been months some of the still saying baxter is destrying the team. And more things seem to be supporting their statements.

Here is a comment shared by a fan on facebook in this screenshot below regarding his feeling about baxter.

By that screenshot above it shows that as days goes by also the fams keep losing intrest on baxter. Of which can end up giving the management of kaizer chiefs to look for another coach. Also he might be lucky if some improvements is shown in the upcoming matches.

The thought of that kaizer chiefs should consider looking for a new coach. May be coming from the way fans are describing baxter's work. And worse part is that they are not happy with the way he does things.

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