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The Konka Soweto tournament

It appears there is a tournament at Konka Soweto, the uptown establishment in Pimville, Soweto where buyers have entered, "who will spend the most money?" competition.

To enter this tournament you need to have money, lots of it. You also need to spend it on alcohol. What good is money if you are not going to spend it? The prize? Social media clout and the envy of opposing tables.

Last month, Konka made headlines when a patron bought 16 bottles of Ace of spades champagne which retails for R16 000 a bottle. That means the buyer paid R256 000 and that's excluding the tip and all the other stuff he bought like food, hubbly pipe, water and red bull.

Before that, a receipt from Konka was posted online which showed a bill exceeding R200 000. The bill was for champagne, whiskey and hubbly pipes amongst other things.

Now the record has been broken. A new patron has bought 20 bottles. That means he has spent R320 000 excluding tips. I mean this is just unbelievable. It's great for Konka and its stakeholders for sure but the amount is obscene. The whole tournament is obscene.

South Africa has an unemployment rate, 74% for youth 18-24, that is officially the highest in the world and people are just blowing money like this. The country has also had to deal with the impact of the covid 19 pandemic which has shrunken the economy.

In response, the government has resolved to issue grants to unemployed adults from the ages 18-59 R350 a month. That R320 000 could have paid out 900 grants. Anyway, I guess this tournament is not for everyone and people are entitled to do whatever they want with their money.

Are we going to have another player next month? Will the record be broken? Tell me what you think of this tournament.

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