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Is WWE Undertaker Dead, If Not Why He Is Receiving Tribute?

In an emotional ceremony, WWE celebrated the 30th anniversary with a Salute to the Deceased Man, aka The Undertaker.

Several of his fans and opponents gathered during the service to pay tribute to the long career of Mark Calaway.

Mark William Calaway, 55, also known as The Undertaker, is an ex-professional wrestler from America.

He was quoted as saying, "For 30 long years, I made that slow walk to this ring. And have laid people to rest, time and time again Now, my time has come. My time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace."

In this living legend, tributes have flowed;

@michaelp93., "Thank you for 30 years of TV. Thank you for 30 years of creativity. Thank you for 30 years of awesome service."

Thank you for having a game turn. Thank you for shaping my youth.'

Thank you for inspiring us dreamers. @Taeler Hendrix Thank you for the time and sacrifices you have created for our entertainment. Thank you for the love that you have for this business.

For three decades of irrevocable quality, thank you

"@KristenAshly, "Assuming that he no longer fights, his career background is as follows:

Full match number: 2388;

Total number of victories: 1779 (74.5%)

Total loss amount: 514 (21.5 percent)

Total number of draws: 95 (4.0%)

@dustinrhodes, 'In wrestling, there are exits, and then there is THE ENTRANCE!! The best character on the world, without a doubt. Thanks to you'

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