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"Kaizer Chiefs players are just playing for money" Amakhosi legend

Previous Kaizer Chiefs player Patrick Mayo has dispatched a searing attack at his past club's current group of players by attesting the shirt is showing exorbitantly significant for specific players. 

Mayo included for the Glamor Boys in an enhanced spell at Naturena from 2003-2007. 

The past midfielder conferred his disappointment to different viewpoints he feels are misguided at his past club. 

Like the current get-together of players' drive, the enlistment procedure at Naturena and the reliable underperformance of experienced players. 

"They don't have heart," Mayo tells when mentioned his thoughts on the current Chiefs group. 

"Our age used to love the recognizable proof and we used to fight for the ID. Regardless, concerning them they don't have that heart. They are basically playing for cash. In any case, during our time we were not procuring a great deal so we used to treasure the distinguishing proof. 

"In the event that you are a football player you by and large play under strain. You should sort out some way to play under those conditions. 

"Whether or not you are transparently walking around a retail plaza, pressure is reliably there. So I can say the Chiefs shirt is exorbitantly profound for them. 

"With us, we used to take the pressure since you lose two, three games at Chiefs, don't figure you would have the choice to go to the mall. Some other way, you'd get a wide scope of attacks from the partners, and which is fine and dandy since they are paying their monies to enter the Stadium." 

Mayo yields that victorious prizes used to impel players back in his day. 

"We knew showing up at every semi-last suggested cash for us. There's only one obstruction that we need to get by, to win the semi endure and get to the last," Mayo added. 

"We knew losing the last suggested we would get nothing from the club. If we win we get rewards. These days in case they lose, win or draw it's the same regardless to them since they will regardless get a comparable remuneration. 

"At Chiefs, we used to work for our victorious prize more than we achieved for our pay since we were gaining very little." 

Mayo moreover granted his mistake to the enlistment of players over the span of ongoing years. 

"I'm angry concerning that. They ought not acknowledge that I'm saying this since I'm distraught, I'm not extreme I'm essentially telling the genuine truth. 

"If you look carefully the last time Chiefs denoted a player was during our time. Notwithstanding, since we left I'm not happy with their signings. 

"Some are doing support, Like Phathutshedzo Nange for me, has been the best finishing desk work for Chiefs. He is doing definitively what we are looking for at Chiefs. Cole Alexander moreover is doing more than fine to me. 

"However, we need to sign quality spot backs at Chiefs. You don't ought to be in the changing framework at Chiefs, that club is a brand. You need to sign quality players in that office. I question if there will be any honors if any similarity to Cardoso is still there. 

"Any similarity to Cardoso continue to commit understudy errors anyway are fit players. Without a doubt, even in the goalkeeping office, on the off chance that it was subject to me I would reliably go for Bvuma instead of Khune and Akpeyi. 

"They are the senior players, Bvuma should acquire from them, but rather it's them who are acquiring from him. That child with no help passed on Kaizer Chiefs to the semi last of the Champions League." 

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