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MacG’s podcast lands another public figure in legal trouble

A legal battle seems to be brewing between footballer Teko Modise and Instagram model Lizelle Tabane after his appearance on 'Podcast and Chill with MacG'.

A little more than seven days later a confrontation followed between Jub and Amanda du-Pont because of MacG's digital broadcast, another standoff is fermenting between previous darlings Teko Modise and Lizelle Tabane.

On Monday, Tabane served Modise with a letter of interest which she likewise shared on her Instagram profile.

As indicated by the letter drafted by Manala and Co. Joined, Tabane observes the cases Modise made on MacG's digital broadcast scene, posted on 9 December, unreliable and coldhearted, particularly during a period that the nation should be noticing a time of 16 Days of Activism against Abuse.

"It isn't unexpected reason that you openly made charges that our customer had made bogus cases about the attack you dispensed on her during June 2014 at your home in Willowbrook Estate, Ruimsig."

The letter proceeded to review the occasions around the time Modise supposedly mishandled Tabane, which purportedly finished with individuals from the South Africa Police Service (Saps) persuading Tabane not to squeeze charges against her then-life partner because of his status as a person of note.

That Teko Modise story about his ex girlfriend/wife pulling old abuse pictures from her past relationship to frame Teko as an abuser is pathetic. Women are wicked sometimes.#podcastandchillwithmacg— Shasha (@Nuscher_M) December 9, 2021

"Because of the attack, our customer endured wounds on her neck (from gagging), enlarged lips, chipped tooth and a swollen eye and nose."

The letter additionally claimed that Modise paid for Tabane's dental interview to take care of her chipped tooth and took care of her wounds with an end goal to limit their appearance in front of her first day of work at a new position.

Teko Modise's ex girlfriend tried to tarnish his name with abuse pictures she had before— #BaxterOut ❤✌???????? (@Bravopedi_) December 9, 2021

Talking through her attorneys, Tabane bludgeoned Modise for expressing what he did as it impacts her standing, which she says she depends on to make money.

"Our customer wishes to put it on record that she doesn't have any motivation to make bogus cases about the previously mentioned demonstrations of attack if not doing as such would subvert the current endeavors to annihilate and moderate demonstrations of sexual orientation based brutality."

So Lizelle tried to frame Teko Modise on abuse charges? #PodcastAndChill— Broke Rich Uncle ???? (@musa_inkosana) December 9, 2021

Tabane finished up by requesting that Modise return to Podcast and Chill with MacG to openly withdraw the claims by no later than 12 noontime on Tuesday, 14 December or face legitimate activity.

"I recall when we began dating there were pictures on her telephone. I think someone manhandled her or something to that effect. She had scars and the entirety of that stuff, right. So when we separated… she took similar pictures… similar pictures went to the media and said I was whipping her," said Teko on MacG's digital recording concerning claims Tabane made around 2015.

The resigned footballer further asserted that she contacted him to apologize for what he says she did and that he recorded their discussion, in spite of never having unveiled the recording.

Modise has not yet publicly addressed Tabane’s reponse.

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