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Katsande Has All The Money In The Pocket

Kantsande has all the money in his pocket. To see the good life that he is living amd the cars that he drive. Katsande seem to have managed to build a legacy through out the years he lived with kaizer chiefs. This is a great thing that any player could do and live great afterwards.

Katsande is living his life at it's best without any problem. We can even say that some of the players around should learn to spend money wisely. Katsande seem to have planned his life wisely such that even if he retire he won't suffer alot.

In proving that katsande is living a good life here are 2 picture captured from instagram below.

This pictures are to prove that katsande is living his life at his best. And we can say he has all the money in his pocket. All the players world wide should try and live like katsande so that tbey won't get to suffer after work.

Because in most times you find that after a player has retired he will suffer with no car and no house. A good soccer player should build an empire. And a good soccer player should not spend his money reckless because that won't help that player in future. No player wants to suffer after retirement.

Here is another picture of katsande well dressed near his car and mension below.

Katsande is really living a good life and seem to be supporting his family very well.And that's what all the players in the football industry should do. Katsande is a great example to all the football players.

Hoping that that many players will learn to live nice like katsande and through out their hard work. So that they will be seen as katsande like today. It feels great to have money to feed yourself and your family.

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Kantsande Katsande


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