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Kaizer Chiefs: Katsande brushes off ‘media speculation’

Kaizer Chiefs midfielder and previous club skipper Willard Katsande has reaffirmed his obligation to Amakhosi. 

Katsande says that the reports regarding him leaving Kaizer Chiefs toward the finish of the period are simply hypothesis. 

The Zimbabwean star said that the media need the exchange gossip factory to create interest and income yet said the players, even those in the last year of their agreements, were centered around their positions. 

It has been conjectured that Katsande could leave toward the finish of the period, with that discussion intensified by the new PR storm encompassing him being on his telephone in the stands as Kaizer Chiefs lost. 

"Clearly theory will consistently be hypothesis," Katsande told Bulawayo24. 

"Every single day there will be theory about something. We are experts and we have agreements to respect. The main thing is to zero in on an everyday premise, that is, to attempt to give your best each day at preparing and make an honest effort to improve the group. Whatever occurs in future we will manage it when the season closes." 

Focused on Kaizer Chiefs Katsande said that he comprehends that the media need to bring in cash and accordingly estimate on the eventual fate of players, however demanded that he is an expert and will give his everything. 

"For the present our psyches are on the present circumstance we are in with the goal that we attempt to progress nicely and emerge from it and end the season on a high," Katsande proceeded. 

"We have had a decent spat the Champions League and we simply need to keep progressing admirably yet we are not made a fuss over the thing the media is saying or doing. 

"The media needs us to bring in cash, the media needs our names to stand out as truly newsworthy that make individuals anxious to talk, make individuals read news so we will permit them to do anything they desire with our names in light of the fact that by the day's end they need to bring in cash yet from our perspective we are simply zeroing in on Kaizer Chiefs." 

Katsande is among Kaizer Chiefs most generously compensated players, a gathering who haven't actually satisfied their charging this season. 

As much as media theory is a piece of football inclusion, it needs to have some premise in truth and it would be exceptionally astounding if Kaizer Chiefs don't take part in a gigantic crew update toward the finish of the period.

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