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What Exactly About Soccer players Do Women Love? (OPINION)

Seems like soccer players get all the women and they don't even have to try harder. Regardless the women are famous or not, they want to be around soccer players.

Is it the looks of soccer players, their fame, money, or their luxury lifestyle?

The above stated reasons seem to be off when it comes to famous women who already have all of that in their lives.

The trend has been like that for generations,but soccer players can choose who they're going to date. Is it just because they look good, or is there something more about that attraction? Of cause, there's more.

Let's see why some women are crazy about professional footballers.

Handsome Men With Exceptional Physique

It's impossible to talk about the attraction women have toward football players without mentioning their looks.

Thanks to rigorous training and healthy diet, footballers look amazing. They don't have any fat and every muscle on their body is visible. A man who can run for 90 minutes can do other things for 90 minutes due to their fitness.

They Make Big Money

Money is a sign of success, hence is another form of ultra-attractive feature. When a handsome man makes millions, women take it as a sign of life-long financial stability and want to be near him.

Not just because of him, but because of themselves too. His wealth means they won't have to work some regular jobs.

Footballers are public figures, and they know their ladies represent them. That's why they buy all the best clothes, best cars and so on for their ladies.

They Can Manage Their Time Precisely

Soccer players can balance their sport and personal life, just like how they perfectly balance the ball on their foot. Women know that as well. They know that their handsome, fit and rich player will always find time for them, no matter how many games or training he has.

Time management is a crucial skill everyone should master, even a soccer player does that. They're good at balancing private and professional life.

They're Genuinely Friendly

Football players are mostly known to be friendly. Their egos arent destroying their personalities. Most of them are humble, despite their success.

Women see that too. They take it as something very attractive when a man with money doesn't act like he's better than everyone else. Being with a man in that category is dream come true for ladies.

One of the reasons why soccer players are a step ahead is because ladies imagine them as their kids' fathers.

Ladies want to have kids with men who are friendly to everyone, meaning they will be great with kids and be great in a relationship too.

They Have Great Self Esteem

When you're rich, good looking, and loved, you need to have high self esteem. That's why soccer players are so confident on the field of play and in personal life.

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