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OPINION |Only if Mbappe could swallow his arrogance and pride then PSG will do this:

If Suarez was on Mbempe's position, it would of been a better trio.

Mbempe is Jealous of Messi

He quickly wants to be the player with most goals.

Messi hardly recieved passes, in his latest match.

That Coach needs to gain knowledge..

In Wrestling, tough Wrestlers are always against one another..


They a want to be champions..

Mbempe shouldn't do things in a rush. 

He still has many years ahead..

Mpabe been doing it without Messi so hes still want to prove to everyone that he doesn't need Messi to be the best and besides he doesn't want to be overshadowed by someone thats why he wanted to leave. Which is correct. You cant be working hard and all the time the praises goes to one person as if he was playing alone in the field. Kilian mbappe never loved Messi everyone there is fighting for his own battle.

Mbape, Neyman and Messi needs to play football as a team, not as individuals playing as individuals.

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