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5 Players Who Are The Most Aggressive On The Pitch In EPL History

1. Vinnie Jones

What can we say about Vinnie Jones that hasn't already been said? Messing with Jones is an absolute no-no. Quite simply, it is what Vinnie Jones's performance on the field is all about.

2. Steven Gerrard

Premier League legend Steven Gerrard epitomizes skill, sportsmanship and integrity. Even so, Steven Gerrard has received the same number of red cards as Vinnie Jones in his entire professional career. This is an unexpected list for Gerrard to be on, given his reputation.

Just because Gerrard is one of the greatest players in the history of the game doesn't mean he's immune from making mistakes.

3. Nemanja Vidic

Manchester United's defense at times relied exclusively on the Russian juggernaut. By virtue of Nemanja Vidic, Manchester United's back four was anchored together. Many players have tried to emulate Vidic, who was the model for a strong central defender.

Vidic is one of Manchester United's best defenders, despite collecting six red cards in his career. Vidic's underappreciation during his United career is disheartening.

4. Roy Keane

If you sneezed in front of him, he appeared to be on the verge of taking his own life.

On the pitch and in anecdotes from his teammates, Roy Keane was clearly feared by everyone who encountered him. At the time, Sir Alex Ferguson referred to Roy Keane as the most important player in Manchester United's Treble-winning squad. At Old Trafford and around the world, his savagery made him a household name.

5. Patrick Vieira

He was the only one who was not afraid of Roy Keane. Arsenal's greatest ever central midfielder, he was also one of the most confident players in the world. For his squad, he put on a series of spectacular and forceful displays. In spite of this, he received numerous red cards and was involved in numerous field scuffles as a result of his conduct.

Arsenal has failed to find a replacement for Vieira, a true legend of the game, since his retirement. In fact, Roy Keane may have been the only person who scared him. Incredibly, they've become excellent friends after a long and fierce rivalry.

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