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Gegenpressing: 3 United Players The New Playing Style May Favour [Opinion]


The "Gegenpressing" style of play will be adopted by Manchester United. This is because Ralf Rangnick, the new interim manager, has a philosophy of football that emphasizes aggressively pressing when defending or attacking. However, some United players will benefit from this style of play, while others may not. We'll take a look at a few players who may benefit from the new United System, and how it might help them shine.


A style of play known as "aggressive" is the style of play used by Fred. Pressing and quick ball recovery are trademarks of the Brazilian. Because the gegenpressing system demands high intensity play from players, Fred's stamina is a huge advantage because he's able to keep going for long periods of time without tiring out. The new system is sure to give him an advantage because he has the abilities he needs to succeed in it.

Mason Greenwood

He is known for his direct style of play and quick decision making abilities. Mason Greenwood. Quick counter attacks are necessary in the team's new system. A quick counterattack requires a player to be fast, quick-thinking, and physically fit. Mason Greenwood possesses these attributes, so he should do well in the new system.

Marcus Rashford

His aggressive style of play when attacking has earned him the nickname Marcus Rashford. When the ball is in his hands, he is able to break down defenses and score goals with ease in a matter of seconds. Because of this, a well-trained forward is essential because a new style of play requires a team to press an opposing player together. Because he possesses the skills required for the gegenpress style of play, I believe Rashford will fit right in at Manchester United.

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