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Check Out Wrestlers Like Kofi Kingston You Didn’t Realize Have Won So Many Titles.

Professional wrestling, sometimes known as pro wrestling or simply wrestling, is a type of entertainment and performing art that mixes athleticism with theatrical performance. It takes the shape of scripted "matches" marketed as genuine combat sports.

Matches are pre-planned in terms of progress and outcome, often between consenting performers with set character roles. These fights combine classical and "catch" wrestling with modern elements such as striking attacks, acrobatics, feats of strength, fast-moving athleticism, and improvised weaponry. Professional wrestling is not to be confused with amateur wrestling, which is a contact sport.

Any elite Wrestler's goal in WWE is to come out on top and win title gold. Climbing the ranks and coming out on top for large showdowns, midcard belts, or label group titles is typical of many people's occupations.

Many successful bosses are recognized in the wrestling world, such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, and Edge, yet a few names go unnoticed in terms of their accomplishments.

It's not entirely clear the extended rundown of titles that a few abilities have prevailed upon the course of their profession, whether it's because of poor reserving, undervalued performance, or the fact that their success came outside of WWE.

- R-Truth

To date, R-Truth has won the 24-7, Championship an unbelievable number of times. Because of its great irrelevance, it would be appropriate to ignore the title when considering title rules. Nonetheless, Truth has an astonishingly large number of title wins. He has previously held the titles of Hardcore, US, and Tag Champion in WWE, but his greatest triumph came elsewhere.

He's also a former double-cross NWA World Heavyweight Champion, having also won the NWA and TNA Tag Team titles.

- Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has been in WWE for a long time but has never been given the chance to make a legitimate run at the top.

Despite the fact that his rules were short and mediocre, he is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, as well as a four-time Tag Team Champion, a two-time US Champion, and a startling six reigns as Intercontinental Champion, making him the Intercontinental Champion with the most reigns ever. It's a fantastic collection of titles that should aim to be more grandiose.

- Cody Rhodes

Rhodes, who is still in his thirties, has a long history in wrestling.

While he was away from WWE, he made significant improvement in a number of areas, winning the IWGP United States Championship and becoming World Champion in both ROH and the NWA. He is also the only double cross AEW TNT Champion to date, and he is sure to advance farther within the organization in the future.

- Kofi Kingston

Kingston is someone who was kept down for a long time, pushed to the midcard in WWE, but eventually rose through the ranks to win the WWE two or three years ago.

He's also won three US Championships and four Intercontinental Championships. He'll undoubtedly win more gold medals before hanging up his boots, but his track record as a manager is truly remarkable for someone who was rarely given a chance at the top job.

- The Miz

The Miz is sometimes overlooked, yet he holds the distinction of becoming the first double cross Grand Slam Champion. Many people will remember The Miz as one of the most prominent heroes of all time in the future, especially since he is certain to win more championships before his career is through.

He's a double cross WWE Champion, having won the belt in the main event of WrestleMania, a double cross US Champion, an eight-time Tag Team Champion, and his surprising eight Intercontinental Championship rules make him the second most renowned champion in the belt's long and illustrious history.

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