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Ranked: 5 Worst Football Teams In Football History. No 5 Never Win A Single Match For 3years

In the World of football, it is always fun and interesting to find the team you want to win. But that doesn’t always happen, there are always good and bad days for everyone.

 In this article, we take a look at the worst teams in football history.

 1. Grenchen FC (2014-15)

 Grenchen FC is a team from Switzerland, and during the 2014-15 football season, their performance topped our list as one of the worst teams in football history.

 The team lost 9 consecutive games, before their first win. They went on to have 23 losses from 26 matches this season, this time ahead by 66 goals in all.

 The worst that happened, when they played a match against Lucerne’s youth team, they lost 10 goals to the left. After that, the club manager was so unhappy, that he fired all eleven players who joined the fray.

 2. AFC Aldermaston (2009-10)

 AFC Aldermaston is an English club and next on our list. During the 2009-10 season, the club lost several matches that lost hope of their fans.

 The club recorded their 40th loss in April 2010, in a game against Downton. This loss made fans call the club the worst football team ever. They grabbed more than 150 goals that season and were handed over to the Hampshire Premier League.

 3. Longford (2016-17)

 Longford is an Irish club, during the 2016-17 season, they were recorded as one of the worst football teams in history.

 Losing every game they played, Longford conceded more than 226 goals that season, with surprising results such as; 15-0, 16-0, and even 17-0. Their best result at the time was a 1: 0 loss, which was a tie against Wotton Rovers.

 4. City of Brechin (2017-18)

 Brechin City FC are next on our list, during the 2017-18 football season, the club made their debut in the Scottish championship league, this after they finished 4th in Scottish League One.

 The teams lost about 32 matches during the harvest season, and really only got 4 draws.

 Even after several losses, the club manager was unmoved, he said the team would perform better as it was their first shot at the Scottish championship league.

 5. Ibis (1980-1984)

 The Ibis are a Brazilian football team and are recorded as the worst Football team in soccer history. The club played for 3 years and about 11 months without winning a game.

 Their performance finished the Guinness World record as the longest time a football club has lost without a win.

 During the 2017-18 season, the club got wins in 3 consecutive games, but their fans were not impressed. They went to a bar, where the players were celebrating, and asked them to stop winning so they could maintain the world record the club had secured many years ago.

 Source: SportMob

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