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These professional soccer players are not his ice boys, Mam'Mkhize should be taught professionalism.

Mamkhize is one of South Africa's wealthy ladies. She recently bought Royal AM team and they have delivered the first win under her. Mamkhize, her son, together with her team came live on national television with money to splash on players. A local person would be pleased by this act of kindness or people at clubs could be happy to be splashed with money, but a professional might disagree. The soccer players are at work and winning is one of the targets as a player and a team. No one should feel like they are doing their boss a favor for doing their job especially publicly. This must have been embarrassing, one tweeter user commented that ANC gives people T shirts all the time in disadvantaged communities but as soon as Mamkhize gives her players money for delivering a win people complain. With no doubt these two scenarios are not the same and should not be compared. Even if Mamkhize has a lot of money to splash and was doing the act out of kindness, she must revise her ethical behavior and treat her team with respect and not like ice boys who het the change after buying ice for the madam. Watch the videos here:

Were Royal AM players humiliated after MaMkhize's cash rewards? -

Royal AM owners pay players KZN derby winning bonuses in cash on field

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