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A Bombshell is dropped at Kaizer Chiefs by a well-known AFCON winner?

"Kaizer Chiefs are now a small team, they not a big team they used to be they are now playing for Top 8 and Survival and if they if you can look at PSL log they are not even on Top 8, as we speak so that shows exactly that they are not a big team anymore but they are a small team." Clive Barker

Below are the reactions from the fans on Facebook.

What does Barker know about Kaizer Chiefs, Please the are clubs like Supersport and Stellenbosch even Cape Town spurs u can be buddies with.

Junior Khanye once said "the only person who can bring chiefs back to being 1 of the most feared club and playing beautiful entertaining football is Eric Tinkle" but the Motaungs decided to bring this plumber back.

Chiefs is boring lately, I'm a fan of this team but lately, it's boring. If they will continue like this they'll lose more fans.

The biggest team that everyone can talk about is the Chiefs. We r news makers PSL is nothing without Chiefs even our matches r played at 17:00 while smaller teams play at 15:00.

Logic will tell u that no small team will play in the closing stages of the day while big teams play during the day. Check all Chiefs matches played u will realize how big is the team. If u judge Chiefs by the recent results it just shows that u don't understand football.  

Even Manchester United went through difficult times but its status never changed from a big team 2 a small team. U will never degrade Chiefs by just writing something on Facebook. 

To show that it's still a big team u spend sleepless nights trying to rubbish Chiefs on Facebook.

Chiefs can't be a small team because of having few bad seasons, their history, fan base, and the trophies and the names of the players of yesteryears and the band Kaiser Chiefs.

Stuart Baxter makes people talk nonsense about Kaizer chiefs. I hate Stuart with all my heart and I know on Sunday he will select shit lineup.

Ever since Bobby took over Cheifs has been drowning, Chiefs used to win cups every season but, currently, we get disappointed now and then.

I Am a Chiefs fan but I agree with you, at this point you can't be sure about the Chiefs' win, neither they're playing small teams nor not.

And as for big teams I give the opponent straight WIN, that's according to the current situation at Chiefs.


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