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Latest News| 3 reasons why Jubjub has not responded against his suspension on Moja Love

Jubjub has been quiet since his suspension


Sources: City Press Twitter page

24 hours is about to pass since Jubjub has been suspended from Moja Love Tv. What could be the reason for him to stay this long not responding. I think he is still drafting his side of the story against the accusations made against him. He knows that he is in trouble and he will try by any means to defend himself, and get his job back on Moja Love Tv because it seems like it is the only thing good going on for him.

Secondly, he may be still trying to defend himself and come up with the best solution as possible. He will not try to avoid the media forever because that is how he exposed himself in the first place. I think that he should not forget to also draft an apology to his victims, even if he admits that all these things happened in the past... he should apologise to them. Jubjub has a long way to prove himself innocent because so far South Africans are really not happy with him.

Thirdly i think he may be looking for new ways to blame someone else for his actions, looking back at the video on MacG's podcast it was all about how he lives his life. Jubjub has to apologize to Moja Love Tv, since he has been suspended it shows that he may be reinstated to his job. Jubjub has destroyed his career and it is going to take a miracle to get off the ground all over again. He should just humble himself and admit his mistakes, all of this victims will then decide if they open a case against him or not. People like Jubjub always look for unnecessary attention from the public.

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