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F1 forecasts: Ian and Jaki Scheckter on who will win the following two races

This weekend (12-14 November), Formula One will set Sau Paolo land with lights, cameras and ideally some activity. All drivers and groups are hoping to score greatest focuses as the title crown moves close, with just three rounds staying after this current end of the week's session. 

Normally, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes-AMG Petronas) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing Honda) will be the driver's to watch, yet what else would we be able to expect at this current end of the week's race? We contacted motorsport veterans and devoted F1 enthusiasts, Jaki and Ian Scheckter, who knows some things about hustling. 

Ian is a six-time South African Motorsport Champion and Formula One hustling driver, while Jaki is a three-time International Motorsport Champion and at present a Pablo Clark Ferrari Racing driver. Both are ardent Formula 1 fans and have shared their forecasts of the impending Grand Prix races in Brazil and Saudi Arabia. 

Who do you think will dominate the race in Brazil this end of the week, and why? Tell us in the remarks area, or if it's not too much trouble, send us an email. 

Drivers contend during the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix, at the Jose Carlos Pace course in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 12, 2017. 

"I anticipate the end goal for the forthcoming Brazilian Grand Prix to be Verstappen, Hamilton, Bottas, Perez. The Red Bull group have the high ground after last end of the week's Mexican Grand Prix, and the forthcoming Brazil race will suit the group," says Ian Scheckter. 

Ian says anything can occur at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix because of the new track, yet he accepts Red Bull has a preferred possibility over the remainder of the groups, as it is presently the "fiercer" group: "The outcomes will stay pretty much something very similar for me in Saudi Arabia if they race 'clean' in the impending Brazil Grand Prix this Sunday." 

Raw numbers in front of the Brazilian Grand Prix, after Max Verstappen expanded his title lead further over Lewis Hamilton with triumph in Mexico. 

Jaki predicts the Brazilian Grand Prix placings to be Verstappen, Perez, Hamilton. He concurs that group Red Bull will overwhelm Brazil: "In any case, with Perez's exhibition improvement in the last couple of races, he will keep on giving Mercedes and Hamilton significantly greater cerebral pains. Bottas stays conflicting under the most favorable circumstances, fluctuating among brilliant and no place," says Jaki. 

"The Saudi Arabia race is up for the taking. Whoever does the best schoolwork during the group reenactment arrangements before the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix will have the high ground. Both Red Bull and Mercedes will proceed with a nearby battle during the last couple of races of 2021," finishes up Jaki. 

Valtteri Bottas could be there in no time flat holding back to strike in Brazil and Saudi Arabia. 

 opening of another exhibition hall at the Silverstone course. The visit was one of Harry's last authority commitment before he stops regal life. 


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