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“Pirates lost it by releasing Ruud Krol” – Soweto giants’ legend


The Orlando Pirates legend Oupa Mabuza has had a look at his former side and believes that they’re moving in the wrong direction. Mabuza feels that after Pirates released Ruud Krol, there’s nothing good that has come out of the club. Even the players haven’t been on their “A” game and the recent coaches didn’t live up to the high expectations. 

Mabuza stated that Pirates had a massive opportunity to build on their last successful head coach Ruud Krol and they lost their ways of winning trophies thereafter. Mabuza felt that that’s where the Buccaneers got everything wrong by parting ways with a highly-rated and experienced coach who knew what he was doing at Mayfair. Now, it seems like Pirates have veered off a path to their success. “Where Pirates lost it, it when they released Ruud Krol. Pirates made a huge blunder there. I think they needed to build from his success,” said Mabuza talking to

Furthermore, Mabuza said that the Sea Robber should have kept Krol, as he knew how to make the players perform well and his understanding of the game was spot on. Krol believed in his squad’s ability to win games and then trophies. Now, Mabuza felt that Pirates have been let down by their defenders and even recent coaches too. “They should have kept him for longer and built on that but still I think the current players are not dedicated enough… I don’t know [if] they know how to defend, or whether it’s the coaches. Most of the defenders today don’t know how to defend anymore. So we have a serious problem in our team,” added Mabuza talking to

Lastly, Mabuza stated that the issue with the Soweto giants recently is that they’re chopping and changing their technical team. This doesn’t make the club stable, as they end up not playing accordingly. Even worse players get confused as they have to quickly adapt to new tactics, philosophies, game plans, and techniques. When they try to get the hang of it, then the coach gets sacked and they have to go through a new process again. “Soon you will find the entire technical team has changed. So this thing of changing head coaches in the of the season is killing us,” concluded Mabuza talking to

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Date: 19/09/2021

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