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It is Surprisingly Strange What The PSL did to Mpho Makola

It is Surprisingly Strange What The PSL did to Mpho Makola

Date: 2022/01/22

It is very strange that Mpho Makola has been suspended for pushing a referee, this came as a surprise to a lot of people but what he did was wrong, we all know that he suffers from anger issues and he has an ego to feed, to he will likely learn how to be strong and move forward, that is because he knows that in the world we live in physical violence is not going to help us, we just have to learn how to be strong, look for new opportunities and be salespeople every day, opportunities exist everywhere all we have to do is just learn how to master ourselves and move straight to the top, be warriors in a system that wants to see us defeated, wealth is in abundance football is not the last place where Makola can make a living for his family.

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Mpho Makola is destained to be great, he should know that the English bosses in Cape Town hate him but they love him right at the same time, he is a boss he should have an ego and learn how to be strong so he moves in a direction where the money is, but he should know that it is not everything life has a lot more to offer.

The money is on the ground, so he must ground himself, learn how to be patient, and control his emotions as that will be the only way he may be able to succeed in a world where people think he is much less than he is.

He should put most of his anger into the work, which is the training pitch, that is how he will be able to live life in fairness and learn all the tricks to him getting the money he deserves as he is a special human being who can always make things work just as long as he is shameless.


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