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The Weird Mind of a Soccer Fanatic

I have watched with a lot of interest the way soccer fans in particular behave. The fanaticism is intriguing. Some go to the extend of betting all their savings, houses, cars, valued possessions and some their wives/girlfriends, boyfriends/husbands, some go naked. I watched in utter disbelief when one confident Arsenal fan betted his wife and ten cows at the beginning of the season when Arsenal was playing Brentford. We all now know the result of that game. The drama that ensued when the winner tried to collect his winnings would qualify for the OSCARS.

So, I am appealing to soccer fans to maintain a cool head. Yes, it is OK to support a team but avoid being a fanatic and end up making silly bets. If, you are to chose a team to support please ensure the team is one which wins most of its games. Be prepared to switch teams if the one you support starts not performing. Sticking to a losing team will cost you money and your good health. Have you noticed that the fans are more stressed about the team they support losing compared to the players themselves and yet the fan never gets paid, actually they are the ones that pay the huge salaries these sportsman earn. Just food for thoughtht.

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