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Baxter on Chiefs youngsters

"Njabulo is obviously going to have to make himself known to me, and me to him, for us to work together and see how quickly we can get him in. We had virtually no pre-season. We had, I think, one practice game, so therefore he's had very little chance to make a lasting impression.

"He's done very well in training, as has Austin [Dube] and at the moment it's a question of trying to ease them both into the scheme of things. If you throw them in the deep end then you may break their chances of establishing themselves.

"The way to bring them in is to bring them into a stable environment where everybody knows their role and not just shooting from the hip. I think it's maybe more accepted here to just throw people in but that's far away from being the correct way to do it.

Varane came in and got on the starting XI at Manchester United. If you're good then, start. 

Mathoho and Boyka are flat. A whole defeneder of the season at our expense and we don't utilise that. You are making him doubt himself.

Look at the likes of De Reeuck he's playing because he's doing well. Stop with this English we need results and we need a solid defense. Come on Baxter.

To be honest Baxter is talking nonsense Because as a defender you should be competing according to how you will concede goals and Matoho and Cardoso have conceded 6 goals in 4 games.

But they still play while Ncobo nd Dube never conceded a goal the whole COSAFA tournament.

Why does he think Njabulo was rated defender of the season?, was in middle of a tassel between Sundowns and chiefs?, I say regardless, this Coach doesn't Wana be told, and he definitely doesn't wanna listen to what the fans have to says.

I was hoping he would listen at least to his assistant coaches or to the person that scouted Njabulo Ngcobo and all these young players in the first place.

Just give time to know your players the way you talk is like you were intruder that came in to steal what South Africa had and destroy it like a German who bought Moroka swallows but without best interest at heart.

I don't understand why you don't take gamble with young players because your already losing with those you trust,just gamble I'm telling you you will be surprised how capable this players can now when you still have time.


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