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Junior Khanye: " That was not a penalty"


Photo: Junior khanye.

Junior khanye was a Kaizer Chiefs player but whenever they pay he becomes negative to them.

" All in all, it was a game deserved probably but in terms of sharing the ball they played well" Junior Khanye said

The world sports betting reporter " I felt it at some point, Chiefs played and i wasn't happy because of 9 people would be at their half when pirates take a goal kick and it a big cocern for a big team.

But on the Orlando pirates failing to see Kaizer Chiefs weakness, that was a bit turn off"

Junior Khanye's response: How many times will Kaizer Chiefs win in results of the opponent's mistakes, they scored with penalty which is 50/50, many people would say Junior is biased but it is a fact. Tyson made a high school mistake by taking the ball to the back. I complement only two players at Kaizer Chiefs but the rest are just ordinary plsyers to me. Nchobo is not a midfielder, he loses the ball unnecessarily and no team would scout him"

What do you think about what Junior Lhanye think about Amakhosi?

Link to a penalty video:

"Despite what Junior khanye said about kaizer Chiefs, i think that was a strong penalty that what he saw. It was not even a soft penalty at all, Ndaah saw it that he lost the ball and he pulled off kharma with his neck so he couldn't score" world sports bet reporter

It was an interesting game after all and both team were looking very attacking every minute. Kaizer Scored the opening goal to Orlando Pirates and the buccaneers equalised at 80'.

Ndaah made a mistake by committing a foul inside the penalty area box where the referee gave away a penalty with no hesitation.

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