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FIFA World Cup

FIFA drops a massive bombshell on South African: Here is why

It took until the final day of play to complete the FIFA World Cup qualification process for the 2022 event without a hitch.

Although each group's first game had mistakes, no one expressed dissatisfaction because everyone believed they had a chance to flip the tables and win.

South Africa scored an easy goal in a match against Ghana, but the goal was disallowed since no objection had been raised.

Following the last-minute changes to the group standings, many teams expressed their dissatisfaction with the referees' handling of the games in which they participated.

The battle for a berth in the World Cup play-offs is still going on in Europe and South America, with teams seeking to earn their spots through the playoffs rather than the regular season.

Kwame's paternal grandmother It's past time to call a halt. Get your facts right before spouting off about Bafana Bafana and Ghana in Head to Head mode. The Ghanaian divers and wrestlers will not be able to compete with Bafana Bafana on a level playing field. This is the lowest point in Ghanaian soccer history, and it is the worst performance the country has ever had.

South Africa has a tragic reality in that not all of our players are motivated by their own professional development, but rather by the desire to play for SAVINGS FC, which is a sad truth.

Through aggressively acquiring the services of as many talented players as they could find, Sundowns had practically taken over and monopolized our local soccer scene. This is essentially a ruse to keep the opposing team at bay.

February will need to put out the same amount of work as he did at Downs in order to be successful at Swallows.

I believe in the ability of Goss to perform under pressure, and he will play because I believe in him. The only things he lacks are passing skills and the ability to maintain possession of the ball under pressure. Otherwise, he's my favorite, and I'm convinced that he'll receive the recognition he deserves in the near future.

When I was younger, I remember hearing about the keeper's predicament from Broos, although my recollection is foggy at best.

False; there is no lack of goalkeepers in the country; he simply needs to stop singling out keepers who don't perform in the same manner as Bvuma solely because he plays for the Chiefs.

Keepers such as Sege Stephens, Masuluke, February, and Gumede will be able to complement the likes of Williams and Mbatha, who have already established themselves in the squad.

Does anyone in their right mind feel we are in a dilemma with only six active keepers?


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