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Mamelodi Sundowns has Concluded a Busting 5 year contract with A star player

Mamelodi Sundowns has Concluded a Busting 5-year contract with A star player

Date: 2021/10/07


Rivaldo Coetzee has finalized his deal with Mamelodi Sundowns, it was reported this morning by the biggest soccer publication in South Africa Laduma, the player come to the club at the age of 20 and he signed his first 5-year deal, and they saw how disciplined he is, so they gave him another deal which saw his salary increase to an insane level, this is what happens when you are dedicated to your craft and you put in the work necessary work, things just fall on to you.

His father taught him how to work hard, block out the distraction of people who are miserable with their own lives make sure you are always early for practice, skip alcohol sessions with friends focus on your goals, work positively and progress towards what you want and see everything become history, look at your life change right at your eyes.

Rivaldo is one of the highest-paid players in this country, he is very disciplined, you can tell he was raised by a good man who taught him the importance of hard work and dedication, now life is just giving him fruits non stop, he is like our own young Floyd Mayweather.

Mamelodi Sundown knows how to kick out a player once they lose their focus, they do not mind paying what is left off your contract and you go home and relax, or party like how you would like to, for example, George Lebese did not take training seriously and he let go because he could not keep up with the other guys, when he was asked by the technical team if he was tired during the game he said yes and he never played ever again, and was released from his contract but Rivaldo is a smart he makes sure he stays in shape because soccer is a hard sport.

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