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“This Is Proof That Prayer Doesn’t Work”, Kaizer Chiefs Supporters

Kaizer Chiefs have been doing pathetically in almost all of their matches. They lost all of their matches, even with football clubs that are not even in their league. The team lost a few supporters and their reputation.

There is a picture of the team praying, before a game. Thai picture added fuel to the fire, because it led to people saying that prayer doesn’t work. A popular Twitter user, @AdvoBarryRoux posted the picture of Kaizer Chiefs players praying and captioned the tweet, “Proof that prayer doesn’t work.”

The tweet was meant to be a joke, however there were some people who were really offended and took the tweet as disrespect to God.

The tweet became a debate on whether God is real or not. There were people who were seriously offended by the tweet.

Here are some of the comments:

The tweet was somewhat offensive to people who believed in prayer. A guy said that @AdvoBarryRoux doesn’t even know what they were praying for, so he doesn’t know if the prayer was answered or no.

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