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Father and son who represented different national teams.

A player's football club may permit him or her to swap teams on a regular basis, and the next team for which he or she plays may be in a different country. Players frequently relocate with their families to the new country when this occurs, and they may give birth to some of their children in the new country during this time.

The number of countries that a youngster can represent increases as a result of this scenario. Despite the fact that some of those youngsters are free to choose the country for which they wish to play, they may on occasion choose a country that is not the same as their father's. Throughout this article, we'll take a look at some footballers who represented a national team that was different from the one for which their father represented the country.

1. George and Timothy Weah

He holds the distinction of being the only African player to have won the Ballon d'Or. Though he did an outstanding job representing Africa, his child now represents the United States of America, as that is where he was born.

2. Roger and Romelu Lukaku. 

Even though Roger has represented Congo throughout his professional career, his two sons, Romelu and Jordan, were both raised in Belgium. Romelu Lukaku is now a member of the Belgium national team.

3. Mazinho and Thiago Alcántara. 

Mazinho, who represented Brazil in the Arena Cup, is the father of two well-known players who have represented their countries on a number of international teams. However, although Rafinha chose to follow in his father's footsteps and play for Brazil, Thiago, who was born in Italy, chose to represent his home country of Spain, where he grew up.

4. Patrick Kluivert and his brother Ruben Kluivert

Patrick's father was a member of the Netherlands national team and scored a number of goals for them.

One of his kids, Justin, is a professional soccer player for the Netherlands, while Ruben represents Curaçao. As a result, Ruben switched his allegiance from the Netherlands (his birthplace) to Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island where his father worked as a soccer coach.

During their time in CONCACAF, Curaçao earned the FIFA ranking of the world's 81st most consistent team, placing them 81st overall.

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Congo George Roger Romelu Lukaku. United States of America


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