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Remembering The Black Boy Who Was Burnt Alive By His Teammates? - 5 Lessons To Learn From His Story

A traumatic event in Qaphela Godogo's life leaves scars and animosity in its aftermath, and her story explores those effects. But even though it happened solely to him, there are some essential lessons to be drawn from it. Even though they feel sorry for what happened, many people who have heard about this incident fail to remember the valuable lessons it offered.

During the year 2016, Qaphela suffered the most serious injuries after being set afire by his coworkers who were jealous and hateful. As we all know, Qaphela was the first black student to be named captain of his high school's rugby team. One of the country's top universities awarded him a scholarship as well. According to rumors, this helped improve his popularity at school.

A professional rugby player's only goal was to play for the Springboks, the greatest degree of recognition for rugby players around the world. Seen as an individual with a clear sense of purpose and ambition for the future, his energy and passion to succeed were impressive.

In the year 2016, on a Tuesday morning, his dream was threatened in school. During the morning lecture, he asks if he can use the restroom. He was going to leave after finishing his task when he was hit in the head with a long stick and knocked out. When he came to, his colleagues had already set him on fire. He called for help and was rescued from the hospital just in time. He remained in the hospital for about four months, enduring over two dozen procedures to keep him alive.

That's what he said to his teammates when he told them about his accomplishments and goals. In spite of their discontent, he didn't realize the trap was laid for him. After his recovery, he had the chance to exact revenge, but he chose not to. Now people look up to him because of this. In this essay, I'd want to focus on five key takeaways from the story.


Despite his hardships, he had a simple heart and was able to forgive those who wronged him. According to him, healing is a spiritual process that begins in the heart. Find the strength to move on, even if it means forgiving someone who has wronged you terribly. Be ready to forgive at all times.


It took him a while to recover after the surgeries were completed, and he also had other commitments that took up valuable time as well. He is determined to become a professional rugby player and isn't going to give up until he achieves his goal. Whatever obstacles you may have encountered on the way to achievement, never give up. Keep your focus on the task at hand at all times.

You should keep important information to yourself.

There are people that don't care about what you've accomplished. No one else should have to deal with whatever is bothering you about your talent. When Qaphela made the mistake of sharing personal information with the wrong person, his problems began. Keep your focus on the vital things and avoid bringing up personal issues.


Everything that happens on the way to greatness should be celebrated. It's time to face your anxieties and take action. Qaphela didn't care about his new appearance once he'd survived. Without the ability to communicate with his friends or family, he knew he'd be in a bad situation. He went back to school and began his new chapter in his life all over again.


This is critical when trying to meet your goals. It's not a good idea to let failures take advantage of your self-esteem. Qaphela didn't kill himself or become a burden because of his wounds. He is unwavering in his pursuit of greatness. You'll also require something similar. Never let obstacles stand in the way of your success. Challenges would come, and then vanish as quickly as they appeared. No matter what you choose to do, it will have an impact on the rest of your life.

Below is a photograph of him taken before he was got burnt.

I hope I was able to communicate my thoughts clearly. What are your thoughts on this young man's tale now that you've heard it? As well as for yourself, please say a quick prayer for him. I appreciate you reading this and taking the time to leave a comment.

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