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Here Is The Reason Why Players Are Booked For Removing Their Shirt After Scoring A Goal

Football is rules and regulations game. There are a few doses and notes that guide players' conduct when they play on a football pitch. The two typical cards used by arbitrators in a match are not for cultural sake, numerous rules guide the employment of arbitrators during matches. One misconduct that appeals to football is that the Jersey is removed during the celebration of a goal. Many football fans feel the act is harmless and that the player is not worth it.

The law of FIFA does not, however, accept such a thing; therefore, if a player takes his or her jersey off after goals, they are booked and the yellow card is shown as a symbol of warning. In the past, several great players have been booked to act against this law, and they have fulfilled their punishment as laid down in the Constitution of the FIFA.

Under FIFA Game Number 12, a number of misconducts can draw yellow and red cards, and the removal of Jersey is one of them because FIFA does not support wild or excessive festivities in the first place. Running through the pitch or doing different stunting movements is adequate to celebrate any kind of goal a player scored, but the celebration is judged inappropriate if the player decides to remove his/her clothing. So any player who acts against the rule receives a yellow card from the Referee Officer to reward him for his conduct.

This legislation could be meaningless for many spectators of football, but it is a measure that helps players to act correctly and to be modest when they pitch. It would make no sense if after every score two or more players began to remove their shirts to demonstrate how pleased they were. That causes a new scene on the pitch, and it can generate another picture of the game.

The law is helpful and helps players act more responsibly when they make their joy known to spectators who watch them during a soccer match.

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