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Opinion: 5 Moments That Defined Arsenal and Man United’s Classic Rivalry

The Red Devils and the Gunners have played memorable matches since the start of the Premier League season. Over the years, the two sides have held a series of high-level meetings. This match has been a memorable moment for Robin van Persie and Manchester United, from "Buffet War" to Ryan Giggs' goal and Arsenal goalkeeper. It is easy to forget that this game was the most important game in the Premier League between 1997 and 2004, as both teams won the Premier League. They have always been rivals, do not let anyone tell you. And they despised one another. Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson are known for their contempt for each other. Below are some of the highlights of Arsenal and Manchester United's classic competition.

 1. Manchester United v Arsenal 2-0 (October 24, 2004)

 This match was one of the most important in the history of both clubs. Arsenal broke the record by winning 49 consecutive games. In first place, United are sixth, 11 points behind Arsenal. The match was very stressful and tense. Both teams' hopes of winning were tough. The hosts progressed 73 minutes later. Soul Campbell fouled Wayne Rooney in his box in his 19th birthday. Rud van Nistelroy scores again and the stadium is applauded. Arsenal's counter-attack was reversed, with Rooney passing the ball to Jens Leman, who controlled the game and pushed for an equalizer. Despite United's 2-0 victory, the atmosphere after the game was tense. Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is reportedly having a meal with Cesc Fabregas pizza. "It was Cesc Fabregas who threw the pizza at me," Ferguson said in a statement, "but to this day I do not know who the culprit is."

 2. 1999 FA Cup semi-final at Villa Park

 The return leg of the FA Cup semi-final at Villa Park was one of the most memorable in the history of the competition, with Ryan Giggs' last goal against United at Wembley. But it was more than Giggs' famous goal. In stoppage time, the fans were fouled by David Beckham, Roy Keane's red card and Peter Schimichel's free-kick in the final minutes, and Giggs beat five Arsenal defenders to give the ball to David Simon's net. Of course, United won the final in Newcastle, but beating Arsenal was no less than a trophy. Following United's triple trophy, the competition grew to one side over the next two seasons, with United beating Arsenal 6-1 in 2000 and beating Arsenal 6-1 in 2001 to lift the trophy for the third time in a row.

 3. Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira clashed before the game

 Arsenal 2-4 Manchester United in 2005. Although the level of entertainment on the field was good, the two groups were able to change the narrative. Cristiano Ronaldo's goal helped Manchester United recover from a 2-1 defeat at Hybrid in February, but the game was marked by a pre-match clash between captain Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane. While they were waiting in the cave, a quarrel broke out, and after years of knowing the Frenchman, Kin said, "Let's meet outside."

 4. Premier League Old Trafford September 2003

 In the 2002/03 season, United and Arsenal clashed in the first match at Old Trafford after Arsenal unexpectedly lifted the trophy. The game seemed to end in a boring 0-0 draw, with Martin Quinn giving Diego United a free kick in the penalty area. Rud van Nistelroy took a step forward and hit the post with a free kick, showing the most disgusting views in recent memory. Van Nistelroy did not respond, but several other United players responded, leading to a major altercation between the FA and Arsenal players and two Manchester United players. Arsenal, on the other hand, will be laughed at by Van Nistelroy's mistake for the first time in more than a century.

 5. Arsenal won the Premier League on the final day.

 Arsenal 0-1 Manchester United, 2002. Arsenal needed points at Old Trafford in the last weekend of the 2001/02 season. Sir Alex Ferguson's side struggled to win, but were eventually defeated by Sylvan Wilford in the club's 100th goal.

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