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UEFA Champions League

Mbappe and Halaard to take over Ronaldo and Messi ?

Mbappe and Halaard to take over Ronaldo and Messi ?

The two upcoming stars my be a promising run in their own way and game , with staggering result it’s almost unbelievable that there may be new developing talents to keep the soccer at the top bar

Though on base performances the likes of Lukaku, Saka, Mount, Sane and more are also it the priority list amounts the two only named its rather exaggerated for them to be identified as the new might players of the current run 

This epic scenario awaken after the exit of the two heroes in the UEFA Champions league, it’s a shocker but in the world of football it must be expected 

At a fair rate Mbappe and Haalad are too far behind even to the likes of Mane , Son,Lewandoski and so forth to be compared with Messi and Ronaldo it’s unethical and over done 

Tracking back even to their age still they out performed as they are now 

Mbappe scored 18 · France Ligue 1 and 6 UEFA goals currently 

Haaland scored 19 · Bundesliga

And 10 UEFA goals 

This brings us to 

Messi scored -19 La Lia and 5 UEFA goals 

Ronaldo scored - 20 Serie A and 4 UEFA goals this season 

 Perhaps the driven method is taken from these starts who knows , it’s two early to fancy such when we only based of who is on or out of the UEFA Champions League may they not fail to deliver as the pressure has been set upon them

Or just maybe it’s marketing 

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