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Something is Just not Right : Khumalo on Billiat Incident

As per Chiefs legend Doctor Khumalo something isn't right. The game is played with a lot of outrage and feelings these days. Various players got a few wounds and red cards this previous end of the week. Handles were flying like no one 's business. It doesn't look great on the eyes. 

We comprehend players are showing energy for the game. They need to set up a battle on the field and they are ready amazing their groups. Anyway you don't need to break another person's leg to demonstrate how genuine you are about the game. 

In Chiefs game against Marumo Gallants. A player from the resistance group handled Billiat exceptionally hard as he was resting, one more player from Gallants shot the ball on Billiat face while he was as yet down why? 

There was another profession finishing tackle when Royal AM clashed with TS Galaxy. Players they don't show regret for what they did after a horrendous tackle. 

Kids are watching their good example on TV. They will begin thinking this is an integral part of the lovely game it isn't unexpected. This bad as individuals on the seat can likewise respond to such episode. We have seen such countless wounds some are intentionally and provocative. 

As per Khumalo having two red cards in a solitary game it recounts an account of outrage or some kind of reprisal from players. 

We comprehend that the game has advanced. It is currently quicker that previously and more exceptional. Anyway kicking a man without the expectation of playing the ball isn't right. This isn't useful for ad for our wonderful game. It looks terrible. 

PSL is among the best association on the planet. We can't chance the standing of the brand. It is about time the director of the clubs manage offenders, assuming it implies players gets a fine, let it be. 

Lepasa have been out for quite a while. Allows take to note. 

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