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Kopano Shai accused of driving his father to the grave with his social media rant

Kopano Shai was accused of driving his father to the grave with his social media rant

While you're here, please follow me.

The passing of Patrick Shai has exposed a lot of people's hypocrisy. When he was trying to get a match with Cassper Nyovest, he was condemned for his language use and reminded of his dark past.

As soon as the news of his passing was announced, he was then painted as an victim of Cassper's fans. Double standards.

After Patrick's viral videos painted social media blue, his son, Kopano took to social media to denounce his father's recklessness and selfishness. He wrote, "his actions of carelessness and selfishness has put myself and family under a compromising position... The embarrassment is severe to a point of no return"

More than anything, Kopano highlighted how the actions of his father are going to close doors that he needs to knock on. I understand that the statement sounded self-centred but a part of it was true. What Patrick Shai did, affected his family as well because no man is an island. As much as his son was not supposed to denounce and reprimand his father in public, he can't be blamed for his father's death. He wrote what made sense at that time, and couldn't have known that his father would pass on shortly after.

One user wrote, "Kopano never cared to check what his father was going through mos, all he cared for was the doors he was knocking at. I wonder how did he confront him" and this was liked by over 50 people.

Another comment read, "Strangers been attacking his dad and instead of being supportive he's embarrassed. This is family to you; when you're doing great they're with you, when you're down you're on your own"


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January 29, 2022.

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