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'He made us fools' Vuyo Mere On The Late Scara Ngobese

Vuyo Mere On The Late Scara Ngobese "HE MADE US FOOLS"

"I always had a tough time playing against him. He even enjoyed making fun of us on the field," said Mere"

"Scara Ngobese is one player that gave me nightmares," admitted Mere in an interview with SAFM on Tuesday

"I always had a tough time playing against him. He even enjoyed making fun of us on the field. What a player he was…"

Do you still remember Scara Ngobese ?


Troy Bobese

The only guy left like him is Makaringe the guy plays pure south african football but due to the times thats changing, that is also fading from him.

Xolani Isiphosikagogo Qwabe

What a great player! Thabo Rahale was also following on his footstep, but wabuye wadikila, wayiyeka katsi foot ball. Junior Khanye is another player that was following Scara.

Victor Ke Nna

Stop lying to the kids wena. You used to mark him out to an extent where he ended up getting red card.

He was slow wena you were fast. He used to find it hard to beat you. You were his nightmare.

Paballo Pablo Ndleleni

I remember watching game between chiefs and swallows.

Then Black Jesus was there next to touchline next to swallows bench and i can't remember who passed him the ball.

that guy who used to play for pirates called Lewis come rushing trying to block what Scara Ngobese did was something amazing and i saw someone chasing a shadow.

Scara Ngobese left the ball behind but there was that lacking left foot and he just pull that ball and boom.

Kieth Andile Nhlapo

Emmanuel "Scara" Ngobese Emmanuel Kambala

The battle of the Emmanuel's which one is the best Perfomer of all time guys?


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