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Royal AM Leaders Were Spotted Doing This That Has Sh0cked Mzansi


In the wake of the criticism that the team has received because of the rules of the psl mammkhize along with her son and the team members of royal am were seen doing something to prove to the general public and the media critics wrong, by paying the players on the field right in front of everyone because there were allegations that they were not paying their players because they were having financial difficulties but as it turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth.

They did try to explain that those were completely false news and people shouldn’t have believed them but people are people at the end of the day, and they were just trying to prove once and for all that they are not struggling financially so they paid the players on the field. They came with envelopes filled with stacks of r200 bills, and paid everyone that needed to be paid their fair share.

Well we can rest assured that those who were criticizing MamMkhize along with her son and team have now become the laughing stock because they were in the wrong and it is clear that they are not struggling financially, now it is time for them to sit down and drink water in order to cool off.

Despite the fact that she’s able to pay her soccer players which is good because members of the public do not want to hear that there is a public figure who is abusing her power and not paying her employees, despite all of that people still want to criticize the way that she is doing these payments as she chose to do them on live tv in front of everyone in order to prove a point and some people are saying that it is distasteful.

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