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Kaitano Tembe's salary at super sport United after being labelled "Broke" by Benni McCarthy revealed

"Money is not important; having a lot of money is important," goes a famous quote attributed to the legendary soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is one of the best right now, and when it comes to smack, he is the best there is. He doesn't just talk a lot, though. He has also scored a lot of goals, making him one of the most dangerous forwards in football history.

The striker from Sweden has done what most football players can only dream of. He doesn't care about money because he is one of the best of his generation. In South Africa, we have our own Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the form of the legendary Benni McCarthy, who was also one of the best players of his time and is now one of the richest former South African footballers.

The former forward who was born in Cape Town and is now a coach got into a heated argument with the coach of Supersport United, Kaitano Tembe, during their last league game. McCarthy was caught on camera saying, "I have no respect for you anymore, and that's why you're broke." Since then, people have been talking about what Benni McCarthy said, leaving many people wondering if Kaitano Tembe is really broke.

Tembo is one of the most experienced coaches in South Africa's top league, so it's clear that Supersport United can afford to pay him a higher salary. Since then, we've learned that as the head coach of the Pretoria-based team, he makes an incredible R500,000 per month.

The coach, who was born in Zimbabwe, is one of the best paid in South Africa's top league right now. Now that Kaitaino Tembe's salary is known, it is clear that he is not "broke," as many of us can only dream of making that much.


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