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Ghana players makes a shock confession about the penalty

Ghanian Defender Makes A Surprising Confession About The Penalty 

Date: 2021/11/22 

After Ghana beat South Africa by an amazing 1:0 in Accra Ghana simply seven days prior, Tomas Pate said that was excessively delicate and ought to have not been made a Penalty as it was not reasonable. 

The admission was insane, individuals didn't believe that he would things like that after his group took a stunning success against Bafana. He may be sidelined the following game in the wake of making such insane charges, he should remain with his group regardless happens it was not going to hurt him. 


Ghana is en route to play off and FIFA is as yet looking into a potential rematch that will make Bafana the most detested group in Ghana when they travel toward the East Africans once more. The punishment was an off-base choice in any case, yet South Africa won't do well in that world cup in any case regardless of whether they had the option to qualify. 

Our players do not have the football cerebrums to dominate the huge matches when it counts the most not exactly when they are playing friendlies squandering cash on going with no cash in the pocket, that is the reason Benny would not go to the Bafana meetings. 

Ghana is a solid African group, they can give the Egyptians a test, yet they would not endure Algeria, those folks are on an alternate frequency, sports is an extremely hard thing since it seems like it goes in Cycles, the very groups that won the world cup before are probably going to win it once more, however the Europeans are relentless at this moment, they have won the last four world cups, Brazil and Argentina are beginning to be laggers though they used to be the sprinters of the game sooner or later in their lives with the Peles and Maradonnas. 


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