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Bafana Breathing Through The Wound Because of FIFA

Bafana Breathing Through The Wound Because of FIFA

Date: 2021/11/29

FIFA has not reviewed Bafana and the South African Football association's appeal after they felt that the ref was wrong in giving a wrongful penalty even though there is no Video Assistance Referee who is should have caught that.

African football scene is the one purchasing most of the rights of European football but they are treated like they do not contribute thing, the soccer governing body does not care about the quality of African football, just as long as they can loot the best players to coheres the African people to watch most of these games.

We as South African should understand that we are very insignificant when it comes to football, we are not Brazil or Argentina who are blessed with players like Messi and Di Maria, we need to be a little bit more creative, even if Ghana qualifies they will not go far the world cup the same countries with infinite resources like France and Germany will be in the finals once again.

The South African nation should not take qualifying into these events seriously, it is the same if we tried to copy to make a Benz without resources, it is a game of football where the same syndicates will keep on winning and being respected worldwide as they have studied this sport of thousands of years plus the companies that are involved always push for their countries to win.

The football governing body is ruthless, they should be giving Bafana a chance to try and reconnect and be in the same winning positions like how they would like to see the future of African football which is not at its highest level yet, so most it just looks like they are just trying to be Europeans but if they had their own style they would be way much better.


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